About Me

I look back, and see that as a photographer I have gone way further than just clicking moments professionally for profit.

I come from a decade where photography was not as popular and accessible as today. Quite some time has passed since the first time my eyes saw through a camera’s viewfinder, until I was able to hold and own one. At that moment, at six years old, adult’s fear of a kid braking such an expensive object would keep the camera placed far out my reach. Only after several years of requests, and finally with my family’s support at twelve years old I acquired my first digital image camera.

In between those events, many things changed in the world surrounding me. Computers and internet invaded the popular market awaking in me a great interest for technology.

Those factors summed with the life style based on the Vedic philosophy I was raised in and with the hometown I grew up in surrounded by natural beauty along with my daily activities enabled me a unique point of view of things and details around me.

At sixteen years old, I realized I had chosen a career, photography was my profession and had become part of my life. The camera has been my partner to all my activities and adventures around the world.

Along with the camera I carried my skateboard wherever I went. I chose a dynamic sport that provided me freedom, both in the way I could see objects around me and also by enabling my own physical mobility. The need of conquering my skateboard tricks and experiencing my trips provided me to a new opportunity through the camera lens: film and editing.

Arts and sports opened new doors around the world. NYC, California, Miami, South America and Europe allowed me to gain experience and exposed me to the world of fashion and VJing, where I was able to learn from the biggest names in those fields.

Now a day, at 26 years old, video and photography are more than a profession to me. They are my lifestyle. Image production is my passion and my love. I mean it, not only because the photography has made me live many emotions but also some deceptions as well.

Among all this endless amount of photo equipment and light capture techniques, other than finding means to commercialize my creations, I look for a way to touch the viewer and transfer my message to the world.

Exhibitions, Awards, and Recognition

  • 2015 Idio Gallery – Brooklyn, NY – Resiste Collective “Warrior of Light”
  • 2014 Art Basel Miami – White Porch Gallery – Miami, FL – “Planets of the World”
  • 2013 Biscayne Art House – Miami, FL – “Colors of Conscience”
  • 2013 Ithaca South Beach – Miami, FL – “Colors of Conscience”
  • 2013 16º Festival de Gastronomia de Tiradentes – MG, Brazil – “Book Expediçao Brasil Gastronomico”